We use organic cotton fabric printed with low impact dyes and source local beeswax when possible. We prefer organic jojoba oil and pine rosin harvested using sustainable forest practices to ensure our wraps are responsibly made. Antibacterial + antimicrobial properties are contributed from beeswax and pine rosin. These will last up to a year with moderate to everyday use and can be composted! Wash with cool water + mild soap if needed. Or use a damp washcloth to wipe clean. Air dry. You support women-owned businesses with each purchase!
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Jordan Franz is one of Fort Worth’s own beloved entrepreneurs, offering her musical talent and artistic vision to the community for over a decade. Benevolence Beeswraps was created in 2018 with hopes to provide A SIMPLE WAY TO LIVE MINDFULLY, minimizing plastic and waste in the kitchen. Bees are the pulse of the natural world, and are inherently responsible for the majority of pollination for our food sources. Let’s bee kind to our environment and reuse what we can. Everyday is Earth Day!